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Hill stations

Much of kerala's exotic appeal is centred in the highland area of the western ghats. Rising to an average height of 1520 m, the tropical forests of the ghats house rich flora and fauna. Not to speak of expansive, loamy plantations of tea, coffee, rubber and fragrant cardamom.


Kerala was placed among the `50 destinations of a lifetime' by National Geographic Traveler in a special collectors' issue released just before the turn of the millennium.

The Kerala Backwaters are a network of interconnected canals, rivers, lakes and inlets, a labyrinthine system formed by more than 900 km of waterways, and sometimes compared to the American Bayou. In the midst of this landscape there are a number of towns and cities, which serve as the starting and end points of backwater cruises. National Waterway No. 3 from Kollam to Kottapuram, covers a distance of 205 km and runs almost parallel to the coast line of southern Kerala facilitating both cargo movement and backwater tourism.

Cultural Tour Package

Cultural tourism India is the predominant factor behind India’s meteoric rise in the tourism segment in recent years, because from time immemorial, India has been considered the land of ancient history, heritage, and culture.

Honeymoon Packages

Kerala is the favorite destination for honeymooners. The geography of Kerala offers a variety of experience, from hill stations to beaches and backwaters. You can choose to have a hill station package if you like the tea plantations the mist and the mountains. A back water cruise on a house boat is the sort of holiday not every couple has the luck to enjoy. Come to Kerala, and have a memorable honeymoon trip for years to remember.

Ayurveda Packages

Ayurveda is one great tradition of India. The word Ayurveda in Sanskrit means the science of life. Kerala is famous for its Ayurveda tradition. Ayurveda is the medical side of yoga. It’s India’s traditional natural healing system, which has been practiced for over 5,000 years