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Kerala is one magical destination, where you see nature in it very best. You can see the fathomless ocean, the dreamy backwaters, the plains and the misty green hills. You can experience the great culture, history and arts, especially the dance forms. Kerala is one place that can transform you. We will give you a brief description, the rest is up to you to experience.

Kerala lies in the south-west of peninsular India. On its borders are the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats or popularly called Sahya ranges. The great monsoon gave Kerala a distinctive texture and no wonder Kerala is greenest spot in India. The name Kerala is derived from Kera, which means coconut. True to its name coconut trees are ubiquitous in Kerala, and people of Kerala cannot live without coconut and products made out of it.

What all will you like as a traveler, is it the beaches that fascinate you, with a coastline of more than 600 kilometers Kerala has got plenty beaches that that will suit your tastes, the sandy, the rocky, and even a drive through beach. Backwaters, something that Kerala is more famous for, and a ride on a houseboat through will bring you the world’s most beautiful visuals closer to you. The misty hills on the other side brew the finest tea and coffee, not to mention the spices. Hills stations in the eastern side like Wayanad Munnar, brings you a totally different experience considering the warm and sunny Westside.

Kerala has also got a rich culture and its corollary, arts, literature and traditions. If you are interested in culture, arts, dances and festivals, Kerala is a big package. Dance forms like Kathakali, Mohiniattam, and rituals like Theyyam are colorful expressions of the culture and tradition. Festivals like Poorams attract many for far and beyond to this little land of wonders.